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Marble Piggy Pestle & Mortar

Carved out of one piece of marble with a natural rustic finish


Our fabulous marble pestle and mortar makes a wonderful gift or item for your own kitchen.

It's perfect for any cook as the weight of the marble means that the product won't slip and slide as you grind! The shape means that your spices don't 'jump' out as you grind making it very efficient.  

Carved out of one piece of marble our rustic pestle and mortar has a natural finish.

Our pestle and mortar is available in white or grey marble. Due to the properties of marble the colour and markings will differ between products. The pictures shown are a good representation of our current available stock.

If you are sending your gift direcly to the recipient remember to leave us a message when you checkout and we can add it to one of our gift cards for you.

made from:

Hand crafted from beautiful quality marble


Dimensions  Height 6.5cm , diameter approximately 9cm and length to piggy’s snout 12cm

Sizes may vary slightly as all products are hand crafted

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