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Slate Modern House Sign - Classic Font

35cm x 10cm


We are proud that all of our slate signs are quarried, crafted, personalised, wrapped and packaged for you in the heart of the Lake District.

Our slate is Burlington slate, quarried just down the road. We have picked it for its fabulous quality. It is a rich dark slate, that is frost proof and will not fade. We engrave the slate in our workshop, using a traditional V Cut method so that it looks clean and crisp (it is not etched on the slate). All our slate signs are polished on the edge to give them a beautiful finish. Finally, we paint the letters in an enamel white, gold or silver finish. The enamel paint will not weather and will last for years to come. All of our signs come with two drilled holes at the side to make fixing them to a wall easy and we provide the screws, caps and wall plugs.

If you require more numbers please be in touch as all our signs are individually made.

made from:

The very best Cumbrian Slate quarried from the Burlington quarry.


Size: 35cm x 10cm

If you need a specific size please let us know.


{ "colourMap": { "White": "rgb(238, 238, 238)", "Gold": "rgb(138, 111, 65)", "Silver":"rgb(148, 147, 142)", "Cream":"rgb(237, 229, 213)" }, "capitaliseMap": { "Mixed Case": "capitalize", "Capitals": "uppercase", "Lowercase":"lowercase" }, "boxes": [ { "id": "1", "conditions": [ 1 ], "top": "170px", "left": "85px", "font": "GILSANS", "fontStyle":"normal", "width": "90px", "height": "150px", "fontCondition": "COLOUR OF ENAMEL LETTERING" }, { "id": "1", "conditions": [ 2 ], "top": "170px", "left": "85px", "font": "GILSANS", "fontStyle":"normal", "width": "90px", "height": "150px", "fontCondition": "COLOUR OF ENAMEL LETTERING" }, { "id": "2", "conditions": [ 2 ], "top": "170px", "left": "230px", "font": "GILSANS", "width": "220px", "height": "100px", "fontCondition": "COLOUR OF ENAMEL LETTERING", "fontCapitalisation":"STYLE OF LETTERING" }, { "id": "1", "conditions": [ 3 ], "top": "170px", "left": "85px", "font": "GILSANS", "fontStyle":"normal", "width": "90px", "height": "150px", "fontCondition": "COLOUR OF ENAMEL LETTERING" }, { "id": "2", "conditions": [ 3 ], "top": "190px", "left": "225px", "font": "GILSANS", "width": "200px", "height": "60px", "fontCondition": "COLOUR OF ENAMEL LETTERING", "fontCapitalisation":"STYLE OF LETTERING" }, { "id": "3", "conditions": [ 3 ], "top": "235px", "left": "225px", "font": "GILSANS", "width": "200px", "height": "60px", "fontCondition": "COLOUR OF ENAMEL LETTERING", "fontCapitalisation":"STYLE OF LETTERING" } ] }

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